Tom H. Shanks RSW RGI PAI: Retrospective Paintings and Drawings, 1945 – 2017

04-05-2017 - 27-05-2017

Tom Shanks’ solo exhibitions have been a regular feature in the Cyril Gerber Fine Art programme for many, many years, which our audiences look forward to with much anticipation. We continue our long and friendly association with Tom, now in his 96th year, with this newest show which features new works, and includes a special selection of early paintings and drawings dating back to 1945. Having visited Tom in the studio recently to select the works, it is still clear that he has not lost that real sense of adventurous wonder and enthusiasm when showing and discussing his paintings. He recounts tales of his lifelong memories and adventures in the Scottish highlands and islands. Tom’s passion for travelling and hill walking, his vision and natural response and affinity for the landscape deeply resonates in his work. He has the powerful ability to transform and deeply understand the countryside, capturing its essence, the changing moods of the weather and the atmosphere that the landscape evokes within you. He does this by demonstrating his distinctive skill and knowledge which is deeply rooted in his understanding and interest in many of the important 20th Century artists whom he admires. This vision and ability are as strong as ever, also he has been looking back at his early drawings and sketches which have prompted memories and fresh new inspiration.
We have always believed that Shanks is an artist who deserves much more recognition and public understanding of the importance of his position amongst today’s Scottish masters. We are delighted to announce that the Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery now has two very fine examples of his strong and beautiful watercolours in their collection.