Tom H. Shanks RSW RGI PAI : Scottish Horizons

23-04-2016 - 14-05-2016

Tom Shanks first became acquainted with the grandeur and beauty of the Scottish Landscape as a boy of seven, on his first visit with his parents to the Isle of Skye. It was to have a profound effect upon him, that has remained fresh in his mind ever since. Initially, on leaving school, Tom worked in Templetons carpet factory as an apprentice carpet designer, and it was not long before he was exhibiting in the company art club. As his interest and skill developed, he applied to Glasgow School of Art to attend the evening classes. But, after seeing his folio of work, Sir Harry Barnes, the Deputy Director encouraged him to join the full Diploma course.

In 1950, he successfully completed the course and graduated D.A. Since then Shank’s versatility has seen him work as a freelance mural painter, a stage designer with the Rutherglen Rep, a designer for 8 years with Edinburgh Tapestry Company, Dovecot Studios, and as a teacher of Art in various schools. But it has been Tom’s intuitive understanding of the Scottish Landscape and his inspired response to all its moods and atmospheres which have singled him out as one of the most impressive and authentic painters of the Scottish Scene.

Tom is always very selective of his own work, carefully gathering inspiration and taking the time to develop the new paintings, he strives to bring a freshness, strength and excitement to each new exhibition. It is well worth waiting till he is ready. Working with a stronger palette and on dramatic monochromatic landscapes, he is showcasing his drawing skills, interest and understanding of many of the important 20th Century artists whom he admires. This new exhibition shows that Tom is going from strength to strength.