Alma WolfsonDA

Alma Wolfson, D.A, a graduate of Glasgow School of Art (Textile Design) has a long- established career. As a student of Bob Stewart, she learnt to paint outdoors, with all the challenges this presents - wind and weather - giving her the adrenaline she needs to plunge into her work. Alma says “Careful consideration is not me: Turner was a pioneer on the spot painter and the excitement shows. I also love Claude Lorraine who was not! His timeless romanticism captivates me, I want to be there in his landscapes in the soft golden afterglow of a hot day.”

Inspired by the works of Joan Eardley and William Gillies, she has developed her own style of painting, capturing many earthy colours, the effects of the weather and the changing light and atmosphere of Scottish landscapes in all seasons, embedding her own personal responses into her work.

Wolfson says “Painting and drawing are two separate activities for me. It is the feel of the paint on the brush, the inexactitude of the marks of a loaded brush, it is a record of my feelings on that day in that place, not a postcard of the view. The quality and fluidity is important, the manipulation of paint, pencil or pastels is like music, there are as many ways to compose a painting, as there is to compose a piece of music, each is unique.

Throughout her long career she has won numerous awards including: Barclay Lennie Award Glasgow Society of Women Artists 1995; Millers Art Prize Paisley Art Institute 1995; Southern Art Club Trophy 1995 &1998; Alva Purchase Prize SAAC 1998; Save the Children Award 2000, and she is a Past President of the Glasgow Society of Women Artists.
Alma has exhibited throughout the UK including at the Royal Academy, London and the Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh. She is a long-time exhibitor with Compass Gallery and Gerber Fine Art. Her work is held in many private and public collections including The Scottish Arts Council; Bank of Scotland; University of Glasgow and Painting in Hospitals.