Andre Derain

1880-1954. French painter, sculptor, printmaker and theatrical designer. Studied at the Academie Carrière in Paris. Worked with Matisse at Collioure and painted landscapes of Collioure, London and elsewhere in a brilliantly-coloured Fauve style; also decorated a number of ceramics for Vollard. Later turned away from Fauvism under the influence of Cubism and Cézanne. First one-man exhibition at the Galerie Paul Guillaume, Paris in 1916. After the war he started to work in a more traditional style related to that of Renoir and Corot, and with a more sombre palette. Awarded First Prize at the 1928 Pittsburgh International. Also active from 1918 onwards as a designer for the ballet and opera, and illustrated various books with woodcuts, lithographs and etchings.