Craigie Aitchison RA : Paintings

24-10-2008 - 14-11-2008

If we were to single out some of the most notably creative artists of the 21st century, it would be difficult not to give special credit to the painter Craigie Aitchison. Our interest in his work dates back some 40 years or more, to when we had the privilege of exhibiting his first Scottish solo show in Compass Gallery in 1970.

Charm belies the real strength of his works. A portrait study or a peaceful landscape seem to posses a compelling power of their own, never shouting, only whispering seductively.

For Aitchison, the solitary flower or figure very successfully epitomises the strengths, delicacy and emotions he manages to convey. Looking at his work is like recognising an abbreviation of simplicity, beauty and strength. There are few artists who can so successfully combine these qualities in a single composition.

This new exhibition of Craigie's is, in his own words 'an important event', which marks his return to Glasgow, where in 1970, he had his first Scottish solo show in Compass Gallery. Since then, Craigie has become one of Britain's most celebrated painters winning numerous prizes and awards, including a CBE for his contribution to British Art. His work is now held in many public and private collections, including the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art; The Arts Council of Great Britain; The Tate Gallery; Glasgow, Nottingham and Liverpool Museums & Art Galleries. He also has work in collections overseas including Newcastle Region Art Gallery, New South Wales, Australia and the South African National Gallery, Cape Town.