Herald review by Phil Miller on forthcoming exhibition of Margot Sandeman SSA

THE paintings of Margot Sandeman are to be the subject of a new exhibition at Cyril Gerber Fine Art in Glasgow.

Born in Glasgow she was the daughter of Archibald Sandeman 1887-1941, an accomplished artist and Muriel Boyd Sandeman 1887-1981, an embroiderer who trained with Jessie Newbery at Glasgow School of Art.

A prolific painter, Sandeman continued to work until the end of her life, aged 87, leaving a substantial number of paintings and drawings in her studio.

The exhibition in Cyril Gerber Fine Art is a selection of some of scenes of figures in nature, still life and drawings and includes some previously unseen works.

Also on show will be a selection of paintings and drawings gifted to Ms Sandeman by Joan Eardley.

The exhibition will run from 31 January to 23 February.

Cyril Gerber said: “One feels that if Margot Sandeman were not a painter she would have been a poet.

“For her, the thought, the idea, the atmosphere of beautiful trees, shady lanes, sheep as part of the shape of the landscape, are rare, pure and magical things.

“For her too, the idea of young people, gentle, thoughtful, learning, is something very special – an idealistic vision of beauty, hope and knowledge being brought to the world.”

Winner of the Guthrie Award, 1964; the Anne Redpath Award, 1970; the Scottish Arts Council Award, 1970 and the Laing Competition, 1989, her works are represented in numerous private and public collections in Scotland and further afield, including the BBC, The Scottish Arts Council, Contemporary Art Society and the City Art Centre, Edinburgh.