The Drawing Show 2022

"Drawing is a vital part of every creative process. It can be one of the most direct forms of human communication, enabling artists through looking and seeing to explore and understand the world around them."
(David Hockney)

Artists sketch books are fascinating to browse through. They are visual diaries which allow us to see the world through the artists eyes and understand their processes. Notes and studies become a library of information for future paintings. In today’s world of advanced technology there are many artists for whom traditional drawing and sketching remains a vital discipline and part of their creative journey.

We believe it is time for us to look again at how images are made, and to place a greater value and focus on drawing and draughtsmanship.

This virtual exhibition includes drawings and sketches by John Bellany, James Cowie, Robert Colquhoun, Joan Eardley, J.D. Fergusson, Annie French, Terry Frost, Wilhelmina Barns-Graham, Josef Herman, George Leslie Hunter, Jessie M. King, Jack Knox, Peter Lanyon, William McCance, Margot Sandeman, Lara Scouller, Tom H. Shanks, Keith Vaughan, Alison Watt, Alma Wolfson and many more.

Please enjoy browsing the show on our website.